One of the core tenets for this project was that users were free to customize any aspect of the game they wish.


As such many of the assets have material parameters that affect how they function.

This can range from simple colour transitions to more complicated effects.

As you can see in the video below, even simple adjustments can lead to an object feeling drastically different.

A quick demonstration used to show how asset blueprints were used to combine multiple parts of a single asset.

Many of the props have animation and particle effects built into their design.

As such it's important to bundle these elements in a unified asset to keep things simple for players and keep that drag a drop functionality.

Lastly a demo of the cloth physics used on some assets.

Ultimately this approach was largely scrapped in favour of manipulating vertices through the material graph.

However using this approach is still the way to go for any hero assets that are going to come under close scrutiny.


Or need to react in more believable ways either with the player or with an environmental wind actor.

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